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We are consistently searching for quality, healthy horses for the dressage and hunter/jumper disciplines. If you are a breeder or an owner of a quality, healthy horse please fill in the application form below. We will contact you for verification and to schedule a trial.

We have a strick policy and only accept healthy, sound horses with no vices or behavioral issues.


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Estelle and Kate
Estelle and Kate are the Winners of the 5yo Dressage Championships   Estelle is a super talented German dressage mare by Grey Flannel with an amazing personality and great talent for collected work. Today, Estelle along with her new rider Kate are successfully competing in Poland. Most recently, Estelle and Kate won the Polish Championships of 5yo Dressage Horses. We couldn’t be more...
Estelle and Kate


Recently I’ve returned from Düsseldorf where I got a chance to see Anna’s best-trained horses. I must admit I was impressed to see so many and so beautiful and talented warmbloods there. They were calm, friendly and easy-going but what’s more important Anna showed me how to get along with them. The place was like a 5-stars hotel - the stable was clean, spacious and comforta...


Beth and Esti
I am so happy to have Esti as my young horse prospect. She is an ideal young horse: smart, talented, and so willing to learn. I was given the opportunity to try her in a new stable to see how she would react in new places and it was the best experience possible in making sure that the horse's personality is exactly as I hoped it would be. At the moment, she is training the 4 year old horses progra...
Beth and Esti


Kate and Isselina
Isselina has been my horse for most of her under saddle life. Together we went through her first shows as a young horse and throughout the years we kept moving up the levels successfully reaching FEI rated shows. The amazing grey mare has been such a great part of my life. So finally when my life circumstances changed and the time came to part ways with the mare, I was very happy that SportWarmblo...
Kate and Isselina


Joanne XX
The horse shopping trip with Sport Warmbloods was 10/10. I loved every minute! We got promptly picked up at the airport and the whole trip was planned just for us based on my wishes. What I liked most about the horse shopping trip was the wide range of horses available and being able to travel to different places to try them. Belca is the perfect horse for me, at our last competition togethe...
Joanne XX